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We source and package electrolytes for you. Our ingredients are high quality, pure and ethically sourced. Join our movement to shift all flexible packaging to compostable while marketing your brand and serving your clients. Let us help you take care of your body, your clients, your business and the environment.

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The body needs the right balance of water AND electrolytes for communication signals to be sent through the body to perform basic daily functions and to achieve peak athletic fitness. If you are depleted in sodium or potassium, signals from the nervous system cannot reach the muscle cells. This results in muscle cramping. Hydrate offers you a balanced dosage of carbohydrates and electrolytes. Our balanced sugar, salt, electrolyte blend enables the nutrients to properly pass through the cell membranes to conduct electrical charges that are essential for basic daily function and performance.

Why have electrolytes in your hot yoga studio, gym, or fitness facility? Yogalyte grew out of our hot yoga studio, Inversion Yoga, located in Jackson Hole, WY. After 8 years in business, we have learned that many students need an extra boost in our hot classes. Upholding safety in our classes and setting our students up for success is both our responsibility and of upmost importance to us. When our students begin to show signs of dehydration, if they become tired, dizzy, experience muscle cramping, have a headache, or are not sweating much, we give them a 7 gram pack of hydrate and they bounce right back. Offering a simple electrolyte powder to our students has decrease the likelihood of students “bonking” or even fainting in class. It is part of our safety protocol and it works!


New students to hot yoga commonly experience severe headaches post classes despite drinking plenty of water. Their body is not used to sweating so much and is loosing more electrolytes than are being replenished by drinking plain water. We want for our new students to have a challenging yet positive experience. Recharge is for their first few classes so they can stay hydrated through the practice, feel good after class and return excited for their next hot class.

Experienced practitioners, especially men, believe they cannot survive class without their sports drink. They regularly drink gatorade and other sports drinks so they do not become dehydrated. However, sports drinks are packed with excessive sugars, calories, and the artificial colors and flavors are derived from aromatic hydrocarbons from petrochemicals… OIL! Manufacturers are not required to divulge this information because artificial colors and flavors are considered intellectual property. There are many studies showing more negative than positive health benefits from sports drinks. We hope to transition these believers in sports drinks to Recharge. It has less sugar than sports drinks and is not loaded with all the extra fillers, flavors, and questionable frills.

Off-Days or Emergency situations. Some days are off days in hot yoga due to not being properly nourished or hydrated. Perhaps a student drank the night before or they may be on medications. There are many many reasons why a regular hot student my become fatigued and dehydrated once in a while. When students become dehydrated they drop quickly. They may blackout for a few seconds or faint to the ground. These students NEED electrolytes. They truly help them bounce back to either finish class or to leave the class and safely replenish their body before leaving the studio.

Teachers. We actually weren’t expecting it; but, our teachers LOVE our products and drink them regularly. We didn’t realize how depleted our teachers were teaching multiple classes a day in the hot room until they starting to love Hydrate and Coconut. They say it makes them feel more energized and alert. It has been a reminder for us all how important it is to stay hydrated!




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