“YogaLyte Encourages Consumers to Join the Sustainable Movement” By Elyssa Bloom 

YogaLyte Encourages Consumers to Join the Sustainable Movement By Elyssa Bloom

Tipa Blog Post March 29, 2018

In addition to sourcing pure ingredients ethically, YogaLyte’s compostable packaging reinforces their sustainable efforts to serve the health of individual bodies as well as the health of the planet.

YogaLyte differentiates their product by being a natural electrolyte supplement for hot yoga enthusiasts and athletes looking to increase performance by improving hydration. Refining and perfecting their product is of utmost importance for YogaLyte as a company. Their product extends beyond the ingredients to include their packaging. They are committed to advancing eco-friendly packaging solutions to decrease post-consumer waste. Louise Sanseau, founder of YogaLyte, and her team decided to place on the bottom of each on-the-go packet words of wisdom and encouragement via proverbs taken from ancient cultures all over the globe. One, in fact, caught the eye of TIPA that reads, “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”.

Why? Because the Taoist proverb, one amongst many proverbs included in YogaLyte’s repertoire, resonates as part of YogaLyte’s steps to shift consumer awareness of post-consumer waste and a prominent reason why YogaLyte decided to work with TIPA. Louise says, “Rather than blame and shame the industry or individuals, YogaLyte aims to inspire and encourage people to join a movement.” She also adds, “It has been a long process of developing a product, as well as packaging with TIPA, that is both sustainable and ethical.” Taking the proper steps to perfect their brand and the values behind it have set YogaLyte up for success. Louise and her team are adamant to “never rush preparation,” a slogan she and her team live by as both yoga practitioners, as well as through the development of Yogalyte as a sustainable business.

A challenging situation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where YogaLyte is headquartered, is that there is “not a path to follow” in terms of a closed loop system and composting. Another challenge is product recognition from municipal compost centers and “making sure our small wrappers can be recognized as compostable.” Luckily, YogaLyte has another Zen proverb to help them, “The obstacle is the path.” Louise has taken the time to create a solution to make composting easy from remote locations. “We do not have a local municipal compost center. To “close the loop” we collect our compostable packaging at the studio and ship it to various compost centers in BioBags. While measuring the carbon footprint of this process, we are building relationships with compost centers, refining our packaging graphics so that the centers know that it is compostable, and educating our customers on where and how to compost.” They make the process of collecting compostable packaging easy for their clients and this process is something she wants to promote with all studios, gyms, and prospective customers using YogaLyte packaging. Louise has made it a personal mission to inspire and empower people to use sustainable packaging by making systems super simple and accessible.  “We all want to do good, to have less trash in the ocean, and to have clean drinking water. We just need to create effective and easy systems for the fast-paced consumer to jump aboard.” In Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, where YogaLyte has been selling their electrolytes directly to gyms and fitness studios, they have been tweaking and “slowly building the brand so that we are ready for the West Coast.”

Since their soft launch in November last year, YogaLyte is expanding their hydration line as well as launching a matcha green tea and instant coffee line this spring. They are hitting the Bay Area, Portland, and Seattle in April and selling direct to consumers by summer. YogaLyte is currently selling their electrolytes in gyms, yoga, Pilates, and cycling studios, various spas, and wellness centers and offering businesses a private label option. Each small step has paid off in growing their brand as a sustainable company. Louise can confirm that “orders are lined up for the

Check for the TIPA label on the back of the package to know it’s fully compostable

next round of production.” Their longer development phase in Wyoming has prepared them to enter urban centers that are already composting and hit the ground running. They are excited to network with consumers and brands to shift the consumer packaged goods industry to compostable packaging. “We believe in working together with individuals, communities, businesses, and local waste centers to create this shift.” With inspiration from an African Proverb about the value of teamwork, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

By Elyssa Bloom (Link To Article)

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