Compostable Packaging

Composting is easier than you think!

YogaLyte stick packaging is completely compostable in a municipal compost facility. That's a first for the nutrition industry! If you live in a city with municipal compost facilities, simply check out the map below to coordinate drop off or pickup of empty YogaLyte wrappers at your nearest facility. If municipal composting isn't in your city (yet!) keep reading to learn how you can collect and send in your empty YogaLyte packaging.


1. Find your nearest municipal compost facility

2. Deposit empty YogaLyte wrappers in your municipal compost bin for easy pickup, or arrange to drop them off at the facility

3. Ta-da! The Earth is a better place because of you.


1. Save empty YogaLyte wrappers

2. Place your wrappers in the original shipping box and send back to us. You'll receive free shipping off your next order!

3. Ta-da! The Earth is a better place because of you.


We are proud to have co-developed a wrapper with industry experts that is designed to be regenerative, that can break down organically and return to the earth. With your support, we can help lead the switch to sustainable packaging in the nutrition industry.