Join The Initiative

Reduce Waste Initiative

Choose the Planet + Support the Shift.

Every year, 9 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. Some estimates suggest this plastic could remain in marine environments for 450 years or longer. This problem is only getting worse. Sign this initiative to take personal responsibility for your own actions. Educate yourself on your local recycling, compost, and waste facilities. Commit to living by the 5Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, rot, and rebuy.

Buy signing this initiative, I commit to take personal responsibility for my individual waste and/or the waste generated by my business. I commit to:

1. Shop Responsibility. Buy bulk when available. Choose eco-friendly packaging. Never use single-use plastic bags.
2. Go Refillable. Carry my own reusable bottle and to-go containers. Always use a reusable bag.
3. Skip the straw. Bring my own glass or bamboo straw.
4. Recycle, compost, and end littering. Recycle responsibility: wash recyclables and only recycle items that my recycle center collects. Start a backyard compost or use municipal compost when available. Properly dispose of my own trash and pick up litter when I can.
5. Be mindful; choose the planet! 🌎

By signing this initiative, I join a collective of like-minded individuals and businesses working to decrease waste on this planet by taking personal responsibility for our actions. Every action matter!